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September 1, 2018 by Pee Jay Edrozo

James and his daughter Taina host and run

Co-Founder of James a loving husband of 23 yrs and father of 3 beautiful children.

James has bought and sold 100’s of properties over the years using both conventional and creative methods, generating 10’s of millions of dollars in revenue and more importantly solved many problems for many types of home owners who needed solutions. Which is how came about. This is simply another option which allows for a creative, guaranteed solution for Home Owners who need a viable, worry free option while waiting to sell or instead of selling.

His focus is always on serving his clients with honesty, integrity and discretion as a dependable and knowledgeable Real Estate expert committed to exceptional results.

James enjoys working with people and giving back to the community. He donates many hours and his personal resources coaching & mentoring young adults from all walks of life in Rochester and its surrounding areas.

James devotes much of his time & resources helping the homeless men, women and children in WNY.

James is a believer and faithful follower of Jesus Christ. He has a heart to bring a knowledge of the love, grace and mercy of Jesus Christ to everyone he meets &/or works with, either by his walk &/or his words.

Taina’s knowledge, honesty, integrity, fairness and exceptional work ethic have been evident throughout her career. In addition, she gaining more and more everyday a keener sense of the creative real estate climate, allowing her to guide our clients in the sale or acquisition of great high cash flow and/or high equity wealth building investment properties.

She understands the importance of providing a truly personalized service to our clients, always putting their needs ahead of her own and paying close attention to what they need to accomplish their real estate goals.

Taina believes that to remain competitive in today’s real estate market, a broad, technologically-savvy outreach and an open mind to creative techniques are imperative.

She is also a real estate investor who is growing her portfolio and is excited about the years ahead.